Diving Deep Superferry off Cebu

By Tim Aukshun CD 6129, Ocean Deep, Camotes, Cebu and La Union

Recently divers from Ocean Deep Diver Training Center in Camotes Island, Cebu, and Scotty’s Dive Center, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines, visited a Super Ferry named Boholana Princess which sank Dec 15, 1990 at Tulang Island, Cebu. Trimix Instructor Trainer Tim Aukshun, Trimix Instructor Scott Livingston, Trimix Instructor Johan Fleury, Trimix Instructor Roy Nelsen and Trimix Diver Patrice Laborda decended to the wreck with trimix 18/40.

 The wreck was almost upside down and the shallowest part was at 55 meters and deepest in 72 meters. Visablity was excellant and while Scott and Roy penetrated the roll on roll off passenger ferry from the side hatch, the others reconned around the rear and took photos of the propellers and cargo door. Roy used his optima CCR which worked flawless with the new installation of the upgraded electronics on the handsets. We brought back a twenty year old litro of coke and after chilling overnight tasted great with alittle tanduay rum to celebrate. Future dives are planned and if you are interested in a planned August dive, contact Tim Aukshun, CD6129, Ocean Deep, www.oceandeep.biz .

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