Sidemount in the Philippines

Picture of the first Sidemount Instructor Course conducted last month in the Philippines by TecRec IT Jeff Loflin; here shown with PADI Course Directors from the course.

From left to right:

Jeonghoon Kang (CD 85710)

Sung Woo Nam (MI 480882-UW World-Editor Chief

Min Joo Han (CD 460142) – Organized Course

Sun Myung Lee (UW World Owner)

Jeff Loflin (CD18604)

BK Kim (CD & Regional Manager Korea)

Young Hee Haniss (CD & Member Liaison Korea)

Wook Sun Lim (CD 488287)

Kwang Hyun Kim (MI 485210-Owner of Red Sun Dive Resort)

Kwang Jin Kim (CD 150248)

Jong Yeol Seo (CD 481299)

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