Slovakian Long Distance Ice-Dive Record

Report by Michal Palkovic, TecRec Trimix Instructor

On the 6th of February a team of Slovak DSAT technical divers of DiveINN Dive Center, planned and successfully executed a long distance ice dive using passive semi-closed rebreather unit. The dive was conducted on a frozen lake Guláška, approximately 30km north from the Slovak capital city Bratislava.

DiveINN Dive team members regularly trained together for the past 3 years. For this dive the logistics and preparation started on 20th December 2009. The dive was planned as a continuous no-decompression overhead ice dive for a distance of 2120 meters.

The team was split into two in-water support groups that accompanied the four technical divers. First group accompanied the divers for the first 250m and the second group on the last 250 meters. Two other dry support teams ware prepared in case of any emergency.

The dive went exactly according to the plan and all four divers ascended after 112 minutes without any difficulties. No such event has been safely performed by PADI/DSAT divers in Slovak history.

Dive parameters:

Total distance: 2120m

Dive Time: 112 min.

Maximum/Minimum water Temperature: 2/0deg;C; Ice Thickness: 20cm; Maximum depth: 14 meters; Breathing gas: EANx50 and EANx40; pSCR unit: AEGIR (RB80 clone)

2km Dive Team Members: Michal Durinda, Matus Galovic, Ondrej Szitas, Michal Palkovic

1st Dive Support Team Members: Andrej Szitas, Akos Fazekas, Jan Korytar 2nd Dive Support Team Members: Csaba Vegh, Laco Zobor, Michal Toth Dry Support: Tomas Milko, Miroslava Pinkavova, Michaela Kucerova, Zdenka Dzurikova

5 Replies to “Slovakian Long Distance Ice-Dive Record”

  1. First congratulations on a successful dive and record goal.
    What was the previous record before this and held by who?
    What type special gear was used, Regulators, B.C., ect?
    Are certain brand gear better suited for cold water diving?

  2. Thank you Sebo and Tony… On a pSCR no one yet did such a dive before in Slovakia. We did not use anything special. Regular gear we use for cave diving (pSCR AEGIR, TEC3+XTX50 in DIR conf., DTD 25 liter rig, 10W HID+2 back ups). Each diver had two stages with EANx50, back gas as reserve (EANx40), but we used only 95 bar for the whole dive. Swimming speed was 20m/min., SAC 2 L/min, I LOVE SCR 🙂

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