Replacement Pages for Tec Course Instructor Guide

For any TecRec instructors who have obtained the digital version of the Tec Course Instructor Guide #70911, please note that is has been discovered that there are a total of 15 pdf pages of the Appendix section that may be corrupted on the #70911 disc. You can download replacement pages by clicking on the links below.

  • A6 through A12 (which was the Dive Planning Slate, Dive Planning Checklist, Equipment Checklist, CNS Surface Interval Credit Table, Oxygen Exposure Limits, SAC Conversion Factors, Maximum Depths in Feet and Metres of Seawater.)
  • A32 through A35 (which was the Oxygen Equivalent Table – Metric from 65% to 100%)
  • A227 through A230 (which was the Blank Answer Sheets for the Tec 40 Exam B, Tec 45 Exam A, Tec 45 Exam B, Tec 50 Exam A.)
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