Cow Springs Cave Dive

TDD Director, Decompression Diving Karl Shreeves, PADI Course Director Harry Averill, cave diver Devon Fleming and PADI Course Director Grant Graves dive Cow Springs in North Florida on 8 November 2009 following the DEMA Show.

4 Replies to “Cow Springs Cave Dive”

  1. What course where you taking? I was under the impression that you could only dive Cow if you are a NSS/CDS memeber or taking a class.

  2. We weren’t taking a course, but you’re right — you must either be an NSS-CDS member, or taking a course from an NSS-CDS instructors to dive Cow; it’s behind a locked gate and you can’t get a key unless you’re properly credentialed. All four of us are NSS-CDS members, which is why we had access. Harry is an NSS-CDS Instructor, as well as the publications manager for Underwater Speleology magazine, which is published by NSS-CDS.

  3. Indeed? I can’t say for sure because I didn’t (and don’t) have access to the most current roster, but was under that impression. But notwithstanding, she was also Harry’s student.

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