Brazilian Wrecks Explored with Sidemount Rigs

By Eduardo Macedo, TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer

Dear Tec friends.

We have now conducted several dives on the wrecks of Recife, PE (Brazil) with the configuration of sidemount. This configuration also allows more mobility in the boat, and allows us to get in environments never before explored by tec divers with doubles cylinders in the back. See the photos (speaks for itself).

I am writing a distinctive specialty for Advanced Wreck Sidemount. I’ve used the setting sidemount to explore some wrecks since I made my course sidemount in 1998 with Cave Instructor Bill Rennaker in Florida. Besides caves, I have used sidemount to explore the many shipwrecks in Brazil. Where the ease of using simple cylinder (S80) that any (recreational) Dive Center can provide, allows you to get to places previously unexplored.

The use of sidemount here in Brazil makes it much easier Tec diving since most operators in the Northeast (where there are the greatest number of wrecks) are operators that work exclusively with recreational diving and don’t have doubles with manifold. PADI/DSAT was very happy to accept this approach (I waited years for this), because now we can dive anywhere in Brazil where there is a recreational service provider.

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