CDAA Recognizes PADI Cave Programs

PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) – the world’s largest diver training organization recently developed training guidelines and standards for cave diving. Qualified PADI Instructors may submit cave diving teaching outlines to PADI for review. These submissions must meet these guidelines and standards.

Officers of the Cave Divers Association of Australia Inc. (CDAA) – acknowledged by the Australian Government as the peak body in cave diver training and also the largest trainers of Cave Divers in Australia – recently reviewed these guidelines and standards and found that they meet the Standards of the CDAA.

The result of this review means that the CDAA now recognizes PADI Divers and instructors who hold the PADI Cavern Diver and PADI Cave Diver Distinctive Specialty qualifications. These individuals may apply to the CDAA to gain CDAA equivalency recognition for the CDAA Deep Cavern Diver and Cave Diver ratings, respectively. This recognition will allow them to access cavern and cave sites where the CDAA has agreements with land owners and Government organizations.

PADI and the CDAA will be working together to develop formal procedures for PADI qualified cave divers wanting to visit CDAA administered sites within Australia. In the meantime, PADI qualified cave divers must contact the CDAA by mail, provide evidence of their qualifications and follow the CDAA protocols before attempting to gain access.

In accepting the PADI cave diving guidelines and standards the CDAA National Director, Warrick McDonald said in a formal communication to PADI: “It is my pleasure to inform you that the CDAA has accepted PADI’s Cave Courses as compatible with our Standards.”

Warrick went on to congratulate PADI for this step towards developing a common training standard for all cave divers in Australia and overseas.

Terry Cummins, International Vice President PADI Worldwide and a member of the CDAA for many years said; “PADI was keen to ensure that our new guidelines and standards for cave diving mirrored those of the CDAA,” and acknowledged the CDAA’s expertise, devotion to the sport and outstanding safety record established over their 36 years of incorporation.

For more information:

PADI Worldwide 30151 Tomas Street Rancho Santa Margarita California 92688-2125 USA 1 949 858 7234

PADI Asia Pacific Unit 3, 4 Skyline Place Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia 61 2 9454 2800

CAVE DIVERS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA (Incorporated in South Australia) ABN 65 062 259 956 P.O. Box 290, North Adelaide, S.A. 5006 Australia

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