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You can now teach cave diving under the TecRec umbrella through the TecRec Distinctive Specialties process. If you’re a qualified cave diving instructor, you may submit a cave diver course outline for consideration and Cave Diveapproval by your PADI Office. Contact a DSAT TDD Technical Consultant for more information about qualifications and the minimum requirements for TecRec Cave Diver Distinctive Specialties.

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    1. Its great that we can teach CAVE through DSAT. We already been teaching the PADI Cavern (Diver and Instructor level) for a while in Khao Sok, Thailand, but very excited about submitting the Dist application so we can teach DSAT Cave Divers and Instructor. Check out ban’s technical diving, koh tao, thailand for more updates regarding this program. cheers jonas samuelsson padi course director/andi cave level 4/cavern it/rebreather it/tec rec instructor trainer

  1. Great news!! I have also spent loads of time in Khao Sok National park as well as Thong Pom Pung. I am currently at Level 4 Explorer – ANDI and a Padi Cavern Instructor.

    We have also been really utilizing the new Tec course break down here at Ban’s Technical Diving. The new Tec 40, 45, 50 breakdown gives us a lot of flexibility and introductory steps for those interested in tec.

    Good to see everything coming together!

  2. I became a PADI/DSAT cave instructor several months ago — it is a great program and I am glad to see PADI back into cave diving.

    PADI originally offered a cave diving program back in 1975 and there were a few of back in those days who trained and certified few cave divers with through PADI.

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