New Courses Flowchart

Here is a preview of the flowchart that will appear on the PADI website next month, summarising the new TecRec course structure. The new courses will be launched on 1st September.

TecRec Flowchart

5 Replies to “New Courses Flowchart”

  1. I am assuming from this that as of 1st September we can no lonber teach tec level one or tec basics.
    Sorry just trying to get the tec section and my pricing for all these course correct on my website.


  2. I specifically asked that question when i was in Bristol at the forum, it seems that the general thinking was that Tec Basics should stay, but haven’t yet seem anything from PADI for an official answer.

  3. As a current student on the tec deep course and having completed tec level 1 to date , how is this going to affect me ?

    1. You will still be able to complete your Tec Deep course if you like which equates to Tec 50 level in the new sequence.


      Mark Caney

  4. Hi All,

    I can’t see the TecBasics course on the website? Has there been an official answer on whether its still a valid certification?


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