Technical Diving Consultant Appointed

The DSAT Technical Diving Division today announced the appointment of Rich Somerset as a Technical Diving Consultant. Rich began diving in 1997, and won the “European Rolex Our World Underwater Scholarship” in 2001-2002. In addition to his PADI Instructor ratings Rich attained a number of qualifications beyond the standard recreational diving range, varying from Diver Medic Technician to technical diver ratings. Rich began his technical diving whilst working as a dive guide in Truk Lagoon where he conducted regular decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50 metres, along with extensive deep wreck penetrations. He continued this diving in Australia, the Caribbean and back home in the UK. Rich is now a DSAT Tec Deep Instructor Trainer and continues to dive regularly along the south coast of the UK to depths beyond the normal recreational diving limits. When not diving, Rich works as a TQM Consultant and Instructor Examiner for PADI International in Bristol, and can be contacted on .

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